Oh my goodness, did you know it's only...



Dear Boys and Girls,


I know I'll be visiting you all very soon....providing
you've been good all year of course, but I thought you
might like a sneeky 'behind the scenes' look at my workshop. 
It's getting very busy here already, as your letters are starting to arrive. Every year our Christmas preparations seem to start earlier - do you know my sorting office here   at the North Pole received a letter postmarked 23rd July.....needless to say it was marked 'Return to Sender' and sent back .... as at the time myself and Mrs Claus were holidaying in Barbados!!!

Anyway, lets begin our tour  Our first stop is.....


The North Pole Post Office


All your letters, whether posted in a postbox or sent up the chimney, arrive here.

They are sorted by the postal elves who then pass them on to me.


Sadly I have to reject letters sent from naughty children and then compile a list of presents for all you good boys and girls out there.  I pass this list onto my workshop manager, a lovely little elf called Fred and then he and the elves can begin production.


 The elves love listening to music while they work.......here's one of their favourites:



At this very moment, Fred and his team of elves are working round the clock making sure all your toys are ready for the 24th December.  Then and only then, can Rudolph and I set off on our magical journey around the world .
Anyway my dear children, I do hope you'll enjoy learning a little bit more about my workshop and all the hard work that goes into making all your wishes come true on Christmas morning!!
I'll be seeing you all on Christmas Eve - but remember, you must be tucked up in your beds and fast asleep before I can leave your presents!!

Lots of love

Santa xx

PS. Please remember to leave a carrot fot Rudolph and a small refreshment for me (I do like anything, but ask your Mum and Dad - they might just know which Islay Malt whisky I'm rather partial to!  

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